Dongfeng EQ1030T47D-820. Manual - part 27


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Dongfeng EQ1030T47D-820. Manual - part 27



Profeller Shaft and Differential



Gear Contact Area

To proof whether the driven conic gear and drive conic gear mesh correctly, the shape of contact area should

be checked. If the hyperbola gear mesh mesh incorrectly, it will cause noise and shorten the duration of the gears.
By checking the shape of contact area and adjust the gears to  their best meshing position, it will reduce noise and
increase the duration of the gears.

1. Wash the gears of driven conic gear and drive conic

gear completely.

2 .Select 3~4 gears of driven gear which are near

drive gear and wipe a flat of ferric oxide.

3 .Turn connecting flange by hand to turn driven conic

gear positive and negative.

If the caculated clearance value and  the thickness are

correct, the shape of gear contact area will be normal. But
generally because of the wrong shape of contact area, it has
to repeat the mentioned process above until adjuting to the correct way. Several shapes of  gear contact area and
adjust approches are showed .

A.Adjust approch:Increase the thickness of the gasket of drive gear to close it to driven gear.

B.Adjust approch:Decrease the thickness of the gasket of drive gear to keep away it from driven gear

After adjusting, wipe up the ferric oxide.

Profeller Shaft and Differential



Differential Housing 

1. Assembly gear of half shaft, planetary gear, plane-

tary gear set and thrust spacer.

2. Incert the planetary gaer shaf into differential hous-

ing and contact it to the hole of locking pin.

3. Select thrust spacer of half shaft gear and adjust

clearance between the back side of half shaft and thrust

4 .Assembly the locking pin of  planetary gear by


Profeller Shaft and Differential


5. Put gear oil on the surface of gear and check the

running situation of gear.

6. Put seal glue on differential housing and the surface

of driven gear's contact area, then put the differential hous-
ing on the main reducer driven gear.

7 .Put seal glue on the bolt of driven gear.

8 .Assembly new locking spacer and bolt.

Screw down bolt by tool and knock the head of bolt by hammer softly.

Bend the locking spacer to lock the bolt in the tight


9. Assembly the inner taper of half  shaft bearing on

differential housing by tool.

Profeller Shaft and Differential


Differential Seat

1 .Assembly the outside track of front and rear bearing.

2 .Select adjusting gasket of drive gear. Refer  to the

explaination of adjusting.

3 .Assembly adjusting gasket of drive gear, insert the

inner taper of drive gear's rear conic bearing by tool.

4. Assembly the inner taper of drive gear's front conic









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