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Lexus RX L (2022 year). Manual in english - page 23





6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care

Replace the tires if the treadwear indica-
tors are showing on a tire.

When to replace your vehicle’s tires

Tires should be replaced if:

The treadwear indicators are showing on 

a tire.

You have tire damage such as cuts, splits, 

cracks deep enough to expose the fabric, 

and bulges indicating internal damage.

A tire goes flat repeatedly or cannot be 

properly repaired due to the size or loca-

tion of a cut or other damage.

If you are not sure, consult with any author-

ized Lexus retailer or Lexus authorized 

repairer, or any reliable repairer.

Tire life

Any tire over 6 years old must be checked 

by a qualified technician even if it has sel-

dom or never been used or damage is not 


Proper storage of the spare tire 


As an improperly stored spare tire may 

cause damage to the wire cable that holds 

it, check that the spare tire is stored prop-

erly on a daily basis.

If the stored spare tire appears to be 

slanted or rattles while driving, the spare 

tire may not be properly stored. Store the 

spare tire again by performing the follow-

ing tire change procedure correctly:


If the spare tire is slanted, the hoist 

assembly may be stuck in the wheel 

opening. If the spare tire rattles while 

driving, it may not be fully raised. Lower 

the spare tire to the ground and make 

sure that the hoist assembly is perpen-

dicular to the wheel opening.


Raise the tire slowly and steadily until a 

click is heard and the jack handle skips.

If the spare tire cannot be lowered, the wire 

cable may be severed. Have the vehicle 

inspected at any authorized Lexus retailer 

or Lexus authorized repairer, or any reliable 


If the tread on snow tires wears down 

below 4 mm (0.16 in.)

The effectiveness of the tires as snow tires is 



When inspecting or replacing tires

Observe the following precautions to 

prevent accidents.

Failure to do so may cause damage to 

parts of the drive train as well as danger-

ous handling characteristics, which may 

lead to an accident resulting in death or 

serious injury.

Do not mix tires of different makes, 

models or tread patterns.

Also, do not mix tires of remarkably 

different treadwear.

Do not use tire sizes other than those 

recommended by Lexus.

Do not mix differently constructed 

tires (radial, bias-belted or bias-ply 


Do not mix summer, all season and 

snow tires.

Do not use tires that have been used 

on another vehicle.

Do not use tires if you do not know 

how they were used previously.

Vehicles with a compact spare tire: Do 

not tow if your vehicle has a compact 

spare tire installed.


6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance

Vehicles with a compact spare tire 
or an emergency puncture repair kit

Rotate the tires in the order shown.

To equalize tire wear and help extend tire 
life, Lexus recommends that you rotate 
your tires approximately at the following 

2WD models:
Every 10000 km (6000 miles)
AWD models:
Every 5000 km (3000 miles)
Do not fail to initialize the tire pressure 
warning system after tire rotation.

Vehicles with a full-size spare tire

Rotate the tires in the order shown.

To equalize tire wear and help extend tire 
life, Lexus recommends that you rotate 
your tires approximately at the following 
2WD models:
Every 10000 km (6000 miles)
AWD models:
Every 5000 km (3000 miles)
Do not fail to initialize the tire pressure 
warning system after tire rotation.

Your vehicle is equipped with a tire 
pressure warning system that uses tire 
pressure warning valves and transmit-
ters to detect low tire inflation pressure 
before serious problems arise.

The tire pressure detected by the 
tire pressure warning system can be 
displayed on the multi-information 
display. (



Vehicles with an emergency tire punc-

ture repair kit: Do not tow anything if a 

tire that has been repaired using the 

emergency tire puncture repair kit is 

installed. The load on the tire may 

cause unexpected damage to the tire.


Driving on rough roads

Take particular care when driving on 

roads with loose surfaces or potholes.

These conditions may cause losses in tire 

inflation pressure, reducing the cushion-

ing ability of the tires. In addition, driving 

on rough roads may cause damage to 

the tires themselves, as well as the vehi-

cle’s wheels and body.

If tire inflation pressure of each tire 

becomes low while driving

Do not continue driving, or your tires 

and/or wheels may be ruined.

Tire rotation

Tire pressure warning system



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care

The illustration used is intended as an 
example, and may differ from the image 
that is actually displayed on the multi-infor-
mation display.

If the tire pressure drops below a 
predetermined level, the driver is 
warned by a screen display and a 
warning light. (


The illustration used is intended as an 
example, and may differ from the image 
that is actually displayed on the multi-infor-
mation display.

Routine tire inflation pressure checks

The tire pressure warning system does not 

replace routine tire inflation pressure 

checks. Make sure to check tire inflation 

pressure as part of your routine of daily 

vehicle checks.

Situations in which the tire pressure 

warning system may not operate prop-


In the following cases, the tire pressure 

warning system may not operate prop-


• If non-genuine Lexus wheels are used.

• A tire has been replaced with a tire that is 

not an OE (Original Equipment) tire.

• A tire has been replaced with a tire that is 

not of the specified size.

• Tire chains, etc. are equipped.

• If a window tint that affects the radio wave 

signals is installed.

• If there is a lot of snow or ice on the vehi-

cle, particularly around the wheels or 

wheel housings.

• If the tire inflation pressure is extremely 

higher than the specified level.

• If wheel without the tire pressure warning 

valve and transmitter is used.

• If the ID code on the tire pressure warn-

ing valves and transmitters is not regis-

tered in the tire pressure warning 


Performance may be affected in the fol-

lowing situations.

• Near a TV tower, electric power plant, 

gas station, radio station, large display, 

airport or other facility that generates 

strong radio waves or electrical noise

• When carrying a portable radio, cellular 

phone, cordless phone or other wireless 

communication device

If tire position information is not correctly 

displayed due to the radio wave conditions, 

the display may be corrected by driving and 

changing the radio wave conditions.

When the vehicle is parked, the time 

taken for the warning to start or go off 

could be extended.

When tire inflation pressure declines rap-

idly for example when a tire has burst, the 

warning may not function.

Warning performance of the tire pres-

sure warning system

The warning of the tire pressure warning 

system will change in accordance with the 

conditions under which it was initialized. For 

this reason, the system may give a warning 

even if the tire pressure does not reach a 

low enough level, or if the pressure is higher 

than the pressure that was adjusted to when 

the system was initialized.



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care

When replacing tires or wheels, tire 
pressure warning valves and transmit-
ters must also be installed.
When new tire pressure warning 
valves and transmitters are installed, 
new ID codes must be registered in the 
tire pressure warning computer and 
the tire pressure warning system must 
be initialized. Have tire pressure warn-
ing valve and transmitter ID codes reg-
istered by any authorized Lexus 
retailer or Lexus authorized repairer, 
or any reliable repairer. (


Replacing tires and wheels

If the ID code of the tire pressure warning 

valve and transmitter is not registered, the 

tire pressure warning system will not work 

properly. After driving for about 10 minutes, 

the tire pressure warning light blinks for 1 

minute and stays on to indicate a system 


Installing tire pressure warning 
valves and transmitters


Repairing or replacing tires, wheels, 

tire pressure warning valves, trans-

mitters and tire valve caps

When removing or fitting the wheels, 

tires or the tire pressure warning 

valves and transmitters, contact any 

authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus 

authorized repairer, or any reliable 

repairer as the tire pressure warning 

valves and transmitters may be dam-

aged if not handled correctly.

Make sure to install the tire valve caps. 

If the tire valve caps are not installed, 

water could enter the tire pressure 

warning valves and the tire pressure 

warning valves could be bound.

When replacing tire valve caps, do not 

use tire valve caps other than those 

specified. The cap may become stuck.


6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance

The tire pressure warning system 
must be initialized in the following 

When the tire inflation pressure is 
changed such as when changing 
traveling speed.

When the tire inflation pressure is 
changed such as when the tire size 
is changed.

When rotating the tires.

When the tire pressure warning system 
is initialized, the current tire inflation 
pressure is set as the benchmark pres-

How to initialize the tire pressure 
warning system


Park the vehicle in a safe place and 
turn the engine switch off.

Initialization cannot be performed while 

the vehicle is moving.


Adjust the tire inflation pressure to 
the specified cold tire inflation pres-
sure level.

Make sure to adjust the tire pressure to the 

specified cold tire inflation pressure level. 

The tire pressure warning system will oper-

ate based on this pressure level.


Turn the engine switch to IGNI-
TION ON mode.



 on the multi-information 





 of the meter con-

trol switch, select the “Vehicle Set-
tings” screen and then press the 





 of the meter con-

trol switch, select the “TPMS” 
screen and then press and hold the 

 until the tire pressure warn-

ing light blinks slowly 3 times.

“- -” will be displayed for inflation pressure 

of each tire on the multi-information dis-

play while the tire pressure warning system 

determines the position of each tire.


Drive the vehicle at approximately 
40 km/h (25 mph) or more for 
approximately 10 to 30 minutes 
until the inflation pressure of each 


To avoid damage to the tire pressure 

warning valves and transmitters

When a tire is repaired with liquid seal-

ants, the tire pressure warning valve and 

transmitter may not operate properly. If a 

liquid sealant is used, contact any author-

ized Lexus retailer or Lexus authorized 

repairer, or any reliable repairer or other 

qualified service shop as soon as possi-

ble. After use of liquid sealant, make sure 

to replace the tire pressure warning valve 

and transmitter when repairing or 

replacing the tire. (


Initializing the tire pressure 
warning system



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care

tire is displayed on the multi-infor-
mation display.

When position of each tire is determined, 

the inflation pressure of each tire will be 

displayed on the multi-information display.
If tire inflation pressure becomes low 

before the inflation pressure is displayed, 

the tire pressure warning light will come 

Depending on the vehicle and driving con-

ditions, initialization may take up to 

approximately 1 hour to complete.

Initializing the tire pressure warning sys-


Initialize the system with the tire inflation 

pressure adjusted to the specified level.

If you press the tire pressure warning 

reset switch accidentally

If initialization is performed, adjust the tire 

inflation pressure to the specified level and 

initialize the tire pressure warning system 


Initialization procedure

Make sure to carry out initialization after 

adjusting the tire inflation pressure.

Also, make sure the tires are cold before 

carrying out initialization or tire inflation 

pressure adjustment.

If you have accidentally turned the engine 

switch off during initialization, it is not 

necessary to restart the initialization 

again as initialization will restart automat-

ically when the engine switch has been 

turned to IGNITION ON mode for the 

next time.

If you accidentally restart the initialization 

when initialization is not necessary, adjust 

the tire inflation pressure to the specified 

level when the tires are cold, and conduct 

initialization again.

While the position of each tire is being 

determined and the inflation pressures 

are not being displayed on the 

multi-information display, if the inflation 

pressure of a tire drops, the tire pressure 

warning light will come on.

When initialization of the tire pressure 

warning system has failed

Initialization may take longer to complete if 

the vehicle is driven on an unpaved road. 

When performing initialization, drive on a 

paved road if possible. Depending on the 

driving environment and condition of the 

tires, initialization will be completed in 

approximately 10 to 30 minutes. If initializa-

tion is not complete after driving approxi-

mately 10 to 30 minutes, continue driving 

for a while.
If the inflation pressure of each tire is not 

displayed after driving for approximately 1 

hour, perform the following procedure.

Park the vehicle in a safe place for 

approximately 20 minutes. Then drive 

straight (with occasional left and right 

turns) at approximately 40 km/h (25 

mph) or more for approximately 10 to 30 


However, in the following situations, the tire 

inflation pressure will not be recorded and 

the system will not operate properly. Per-

form initialization again.

When operating the tire pressure warn-

ing reset switch, the tire pressure warning 

light does not blink 3 times.

After performing initialization, the tire 

pressure warning light blinks for 1 minute 

then stays on while driving.

If the inflation pressure of each tire is still not 

displayed, have the vehicle inspected by 

any authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus 

authorized repairer, or any reliable repairer.


When initializing the tire pressure 

warning system

Do not initializing tire inflation pressure 

without first adjusting the tire inflation 

pressure to the specified level. Other-

wise, the tire pressure warning light may 

not come on even if the tire inflation pres-

sure is low, or it may come on when the 

tire inflation pressure is actually normal.


6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance

The tire pressure warning valve and 
transmitter is equipped with a unique 
ID code. When replacing a tire pres-
sure warning valve and transmitter, it is 
necessary to register the ID code. 
Have the ID code registered by any 
authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus 
authorized repairer, or any reliable 

Effects of incorrect tire inflation pres-


Driving with incorrect tire inflation pressure 

may result in the following:

Reduced fuel economy

Reduced driving comfort and poor han-


Reduced tire life due to wear

Reduced safety

Damage to the drive train

If a tire needs frequent inflating, have it 

checked by any authorized Lexus retailer or 

Lexus authorized repairer, or any reliable 


Instructions for checking tire inflation 


When checking tire inflation pressure, 

observe the following:

Check only when the tires are cold.

If your vehicle has been parked for at 

least 3 hours or has not been driven for 

more than 1.5 km or 1 mile, you will get an 

accurate cold tire inflation pressure read-


Always use a tire pressure gauge.

It is difficult to judge if a tire is properly 

inflated based only on its appearance.

It is normal for the tire inflation pressure 

to be higher after driving as heat is gen-

erated in the tire. Do not reduce tire infla-

tion pressure after driving.

Passengers and luggage weight should 

be placed so that the vehicle is balanced.

Registering ID codes

Tire inflation pressure

Make sure to maintain proper tire 
inflation pressure. Tire inflation 
pressure should be checked at least 
once per month. However, Lexus 
recommends that tire inflation 
pressure be checked once every 
two weeks.



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care

When replacing wheels, care should 
be taken to ensure that they are equiv-
alent to those removed in load capac-
ity, diameter, rim width and inset



Replacement wheels are available at 
any authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus 
authorized repairer, or any reliable 


: Conventionally referred to as offset.

Lexus does not recommend using the 

Wheels of different sizes or types

Used wheels

Bent wheels that have been straight-

When replacing wheels

The wheels of your vehicle are equipped 

with tire pressure warning valves and trans-

mitters that allow the tire pressure warning 

system to provide advance warning in the 

event of a loss in tire inflation pressure. 

Whenever wheels are replaced, tire pres-

sure warning valves and transmitters must 

be installed. (



Proper inflation is critical to save tire 


Keep your tires properly inflated.

If the tires are not properly inflated, the 

following conditions may occur which 

could lead to an accident resulting in 

death or serious injury:

Excessive wear

Uneven wear

Poor handling

Possibility of blowouts resulting from 

overheated tires

Air leaking from between tire and 


Wheel deformation and/or tire dam-


Greater possibility of tire damage 

while driving (due to road hazards, 

expansion joints, sharp edges in the 

road, etc.)


When inspecting and adjusting tire 

inflation pressure

Be sure to put the tire valve caps back on.

If a valve cap is not installed, dirt or mois-

ture may get into the valve and cause an 

air leak, resulting in decreased tire infla-

tion pressure.


If a wheel is bent, cracked or heavily 
corroded, it should be replaced. 
Otherwise, the tire may separate 
from the wheel or cause a loss of 
handling control.

Wheel selection


6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance

Use only Lexus wheel nuts and 
wrenches designed for use with 
your aluminum wheels.

When rotating, repairing or chang-
ing your tires, check that the wheel 
nuts are still tight after driving 1600 
km (1000 miles).

Be careful not to damage the alumi-
num wheels when using tire chains.

Use only Lexus genuine balance 
weights or equivalent and a plastic 
or rubber hammer when balancing 
your wheels.


When replacing wheels

Do not use wheels that are a different 

size from those recommended in the 

Owner’s Manual, as this may result in a 

loss of handling control.

Never use an inner tube in a leaking 

wheel which is designed for a tubeless 


Doing so may result in an accident, 

causing death or serious injury.

Use of defective wheels prohibited

Do not use cracked or deformed wheels. 

Doing so could cause the tire to leak air 

during driving, possibly causing an acci-



Replacing tire pressure warning 

valves and transmitters

Because tire repair or replacement 

may affect the tire pressure warning 

valves and transmitters, make sure to 

have tires serviced by any authorized 

Lexus retailer or Lexus authorized 

repairer, or any reliable repairer or 

other qualified service shop. In addi-

tion, make sure to purchase your tire 

pressure warning valves and transmit-

ters at any authorized Lexus retailer or 

Lexus authorized repairer, or any relia-

ble repairer.

Ensure that only genuine Lexus wheels 

are used on your vehicle.

Tire pressure warning valves and trans-

mitters may not work properly with 

non-genuine wheels.

Aluminum wheel precautions



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care


Turn the engine switch off.


Open the glove box. Slide off the 


Push in the glove box on the vehi-
cle’s outer side to disconnect the 
claws. Then pull out the glove box 
and disconnect the lower claws.


Remove the cover.


Unlock the filter cover ( ), pull the 
filter cover out of the claws ( ), 
and remove the filter cover.


Remove the filter case.

There may be foreign objects on top of the 

air conditioning filter.


Remove the air conditioning filter 
from the filter case and replace it 
with a new one.

The “

UP” marks shown on the filter 

Air conditioning filter

The air conditioning filter must be 
changed regularly to maintain air 
conditioning efficiency.

Removing the air conditioning 




6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance

and the filter case should be pointing up.

Checking interval

Inspect and replace the air conditioning fil-

ter according to the maintenance schedule. 

In dusty areas or areas with heavy traffic 

flow, early replacement may be required. 

(For scheduled maintenance information, 

please refer to the “Lexus Service Booklet” 

or “Lexus Warranty Booklet”.)

If air flow from the vents decreases dra-


The filter may be clogged. Check the filter 

and replace if necessary.

Air conditioning filter with deodorizing 


When fragrances are placed in your vehi-

cle, the deodorizing effect may become 

significantly weakened in a short period.

When an air conditioning odor comes out 

continuously, replace the air conditioning 



When using the air conditioning sys-


Make sure that a filter is always installed.

Using the air conditioning system without 

a filter may cause damage to the system.

To prevent damage to the filter cover

When moving the filter cover in the 

direction of arrow to release the fitting, 

pay attention not to apply excessive force 

to the claws. Otherwise, the claws may 

be damaged.



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care


Change the rest position of the 
windshield wipers to the service 
position using the wiper lever and 
then lift a windshield wiper. 



While pressing and holding the 
wiper blade lock release button, 
remove the wiper blade.

When performing this operation, make 

sure to hold the hook portion of the wiper 

arm securely.

Hook portion


While disengaging the cap lock, 
using a tool such as a flathead 
screwdriver if necessary, remove 
the wiper insert.

Hold the cap on the end of the wiper insert 

when removing the wiper insert. (The cap 

is integrated into the wiper insert.)
If using a screwdriver, make sure to wrap its 

tip with tape to protect the wiper blade.

Cap lock


Install a new wiper insert.

Make sure to push the wiper insert firmly 

until the cap lock is engaged.
After installation, check that the cap lock is 

locked securely.


Install the wiper blade to the wiper 

Make sure to push the wiper blade until it is 

When performing this operation, make 

sure to hold the hook portion of the wiper 

arm securely.
After installation, check that the wiper 

blade is locked securely.


After replacing the wiper inserts, 
place the windshield wipers on the 
windshield and lower them to the 
retracted position. (


Do not drive the vehicle with the wind-

shield wipers lifted.

Windshield wiper inserts

Replacing a windshield wiper 




6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance

Replacing the rear wiper insert

Have the rear wiper insert replaced by any 

authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus author-

ized repairer, or any reliable repairer.

Handling of the windshield wiper blades 

and inserts

Improper handling of the windshield wiper 

blades and inserts may cause them to be 

damaged. If it is difficult to follow the wiper 

blade and insert replacement procedure 

precisely, contact any authorized Lexus 

retailer or Lexus authorized repairer, or any 

reliable repairer.

If the electronic key battery is depleted

The following symptoms may occur:

The smart entry & start system and wire-

less remote control will not function 


The operational range will be reduced.

When the card key battery needs to be 

replaced (if equipped)

The battery for the card key is available only 

at your Lexus dealer. Your Lexus dealer can 

replace the battery for you.

Flathead screwdriver

Lithium battery CR2032

Use a CR2032 lithium battery

Batteries can be purchased at any 

authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus 

authorized repairer, or any reliable 

repairer, local electrical appliance shops 

or camera stores.

Replace only with the same or equivalent 

type recommended by the manufacturer.

Dispose of used batteries according to 

the local laws.

Electronic key battery

Replace the battery with a new one 
if it is depleted.

You will need the following items:



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care


Take out the mechanical key.


Remove the cover.

To prevent damage to the key, cover the tip 

of the flathead screwdriver with a tape.


Remove the battery cover.


Remove the depleted battery.

Insert a new battery with the “+” terminal 

facing up.

Replacing the battery


Battery precautions

Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may result in death or 

serious injury.

Do not swallow the battery. Doing so 

may cause chemical burns.

A coin battery or button battery is 

used in the electronic key. If a battery is 

swallowed, it may cause severe chemi-

cal burns in as little as 2 hours and may 

result in death or serious injury.

Keep away new and removed batteries 

from children.

If the cover cannot be firmly closed, 

stop using the electronic key and stow 

the key in the place where children 

cannot reach, and then contact any 

authorized Lexus retailer or Lexus 

authorized repairer, or any reliable 


If you accidentally swallow a battery or 

put a battery into a part of your body, 

get emergency medical attention 


To prevent battery explosion or leak-

age of flammable liquid or gas

Replace the battery with a new battery 

of the same type. If a wrong type of 

battery is used, it may explode.


6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance


Turn the engine switch off.


Open the fuse box cover.

Engine compartment

Push the tab in and lift the lid off.

Left side instrument panel

Remove the lid.


Remove the fuse with the pullout 


Do not expose batteries to extremely 

low pressure due to high altitude or 

extremely high temperatures.

Do not burn, break or cut a battery.

Certification for the smart entry & 

start system









For normal operation after replacing 

the battery

Observe the following precautions to 

prevent accidents:

Always work with dry hands.

Moisture may cause the battery to 


Do not touch or move any other com-

ponent inside the remote control.

Do not bend either of the battery ter-


Checking and replacing 

If any of the electrical components 
do not operate, a fuse may have 
blown. If this happens, check and 
replace the fuses as necessary.

Checking and replacing fuses



6-3. Do-it-yourself maintenance



e and care

Only some fuses can be removed 
using the pullout tool.


Check if the fuse is blown.

Normal fuse
Blown fuse

Replace the blown fuse with a new fuse of 
an appropriate amperage rating. The 
amperage rating can be found on the fuse 
box lid.
Many types of fuse are used on this vehicle. 
This illustration shows a common type of 
fuse used on this vehicle.

After a fuse is replaced

If the lights do not turn on even after the 

fuse has been replaced, a bulb may need 

replacement. (


If the replaced fuse blows again, have the 

vehicle inspected by any authorized 

Lexus retailer or Lexus authorized 

repairer, or any reliable repairer.

If there is an overload in a circuit

The fuses are designed to blow, protecting 

the wiring harness from damage.

When replacing light bulbs

Lexus recommends that you use genuine 

Lexus products designed for this vehicle. 

Because certain bulbs are connected to cir-

cuits designed to prevent overload, 

non-genuine parts or parts not designed for 

this vehicle may be unusable.



To prevent system breakdowns and 

vehicle fire

Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause damage to 

the vehicle, and possibly a fire or injury.

Never use a fuse of a higher amperage 

rating than that indicated, or use any 

other object in place of a fuse.

Always use a genuine Lexus fuse or 


Never replace a fuse with a wire, even 

as a temporary fix.

Do not modify the fuses or fuse boxes.


Before replacing fuses

Have the cause of electrical overload 

determined and repaired by any author-

ized Lexus retailer or Lexus authorized 

repairer, or any reliable repairer as soon 

as possible.








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