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LEXUS ES 350 (2019 year). Instruction - part 6




3-1. Key information

3-1.Key information

The following keys are provided with 
the vehicle.

Electronic keys

• Operating the smart access system with 

push-button start (


• Operating the wireless remote control 


Mechanical keys

Key number plate

When riding in an aircraft

When bringing an electronic key onto an 

aircraft, make sure you do not press any 

buttons on the electronic key while inside 

the aircraft cabin. If you are carrying an 

electronic key in your bag etc., ensure that 

the buttons are not likely to be pressed acci-

dentally. Pressing a button may cause the 

electronic key to emit radio waves that 

could interfere with the operation of the air-


Electronic key battery depletion

The standard battery life is 1 to 2 years.

If the battery becomes low, an alarm will 

sound in the cabin when the engine is 


Battery-saving mode can reduce the 

power consumption of electronic keys 

that are not used for long periods of time. 



As the electronic key always receives 

radio waves, the battery will become 

depleted even if the electronic key is not 

used. The following symptoms indicate 

that the electronic key battery may be 

depleted. Replace the battery when nec-

essary. (


• The smart access system with push-but-

ton start or the wireless remote control 

does not operate.

• The detection area becomes smaller.

• The LED indicator on the key surface 

does not turn on.

You can replace the battery by yourself 

P.330). However, as there is a danger 

that the electronic key may be damaged, it 
is recommended that replacement be car-
ried out by your Lexus dealer.

To avoid serious deterioration, do not 

leave the electronic key within 3 ft. (1 m) 

of the following electrical appliances that 

produce a magnetic field:

• TVs

• Personal computers

• Cellular phones, cordless phones and 

battery chargers

• Recharging cellular phones or cordless 


• Table  lamps

• Induction cookers

Replacing the battery


Confirmation of the registered key 


The number of keys already registered to 

the vehicle can be confirmed. Ask your 

Lexus dealer for details.

If “A New Key has been Registered 

Contact Your Dealer for Details” is 

shown on the multi-information display

This message will be displayed each time 

the driver’s door is opened when the doors 

are unlocked from the outside for approxi-

mately 10 days after a new electronic key 

has been registered.

If this message is displayed but you have not 

had a new electronic key registered, ask 

your Lexus dealer to check if an unknown 

electronic key (other than those in your 


Key types




3-1. Key information







possession) has been registered.

The electronic keys are equipped with 
the following wireless remote control:

Locks the doors (


Unlocks the doors (


Opens the windows and moon roof 
(if equipped) or panoramic moon 
roof (if equipped)




Opens the trunk (


Sounds the alarm (



: This setting must be customized at your 

Lexus dealer.

Theft deterrent panic mode


 is pressed for longer than 

about one second, an alarm will sound 

intermittently and the vehicle lights will flash 

to deter any person from trying to break 

into or damage your vehicle.
To stop the alarm, press any button on the 

electronic key.


To prevent key damage

Do not drop the keys, subject them to 

strong shocks or bend them.

Do not expose the keys to high tem-

peratures for long periods of time.

Do not get the keys wet or wash them 

in an ultrasonic washer etc.

Do not attach metallic or magnetic 

materials to the keys or place the keys 

close to such materials.

Do not disassemble the keys.

Do not attach a sticker or anything else 

to the surface of the electronic key.

Do not place the keys near objects that 

produce magnetic fields, such as TVs, 

audio systems and induction cookers.

Do not place the keys near medical 

electrical equipment such as low-fre-

quency therapy equipment or micro-

wave therapy equipment, and do not 

receive medical attention with the keys 

on your person.

Carrying the electronic key on your 


Carry the electronic key 3.9 in. (10 cm) 

or more away from electric appliances 

that are turned on. Radio waves emitted 

from electric appliances within 3.9 in. (10 

cm) of the electronic key may interfere 

with the key, causing the key to not func-

tion properly.

In case of a smart access system with 

push-button start malfunction or 

other key-related problems


When an electronic key is lost


Wireless remote control





3-1. Key information

To take out the mechanical key, push 
the release button and take the key out.

The mechanical key can only be inserted in 
one direction, as the key only has grooves 
on one side. If the key cannot be inserted in 
a lock cylinder, turn it over and re-attempt 
to insert it.
After using the mechanical key, store it in 
the electronic key. Carry the mechanical 
key together with the electronic key. If the 
electronic key battery is depleted or the 
entry function does not operate properly, 
you will need the mechanical key. 


When required to leave the vehicle’s 

key with a parking attendant

Turn the trunk opener main switch off 


P.99), lock the glove box (P.266) and 

armrest door (

P.279) as circumstances 


Remove the mechanical key for your own 

use and provide the attendant with the elec-

tronic key only.

If you lose your mechanical keys


Using the mechanical key


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk







3-2.Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk

Smart access system with push-
button start

Carry the electronic key to enable this 


Grip the driver’s door handle to 
unlock the door. Holding the 
driver’s door handle for approxi-
mately 2 seconds unlocks all the 
doors. Grip the passenger’s door 
handle to unlock all the doors.


Make sure to touch the sensor on the back 
of the handle.
The doors cannot be unlocked for 3 sec-
onds after the doors are locked.


: The door unlock settings can be 



Touch the lock sensor (the indenta-
tion on the upper part of the door 
handle) to lock all the doors.

Check that the door is securely locked.

Wireless remote control


Locks all the doors

Check that the door is securely locked.


Unlocks all the doors

Pressing the button unlocks the driver’s 
door. Pressing the button again within 5 
seconds unlocks the other doors.
Press and hold to open the windows and 
moon roof (if equipped) or panoramic 
moon roof (if equipped).



: This setting must be customized at your 

Lexus dealer.

Switching the door unlock function

It is possible to set which doors the entry 

function unlocks using the wireless remote 



Turn the engine switch off.


When the indicator light on the key sur-
face is not on, press and hold 


 for approximately 5 

seconds while pressing and holding 


The setting changes each time an operation 

is performed, as shown below. (When 

changing the setting continuously, release 

the buttons, wait for at least 5 seconds, and 

repeat step 




Unlocking and locking the doors 
from the outside


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk

To prevent unintended triggering of the 

alarm, unlock the doors using the wireless 

remote control and open and close a door 

once after the settings have been changed. 

(If a door is not opened within 60 seconds 

 is pressed, the doors will be 

locked again and the alarm will automati-

cally be set.)

In a case that the alarm is triggered, imme-

diately stop the alarm. (


Impact detection door lock release sys-


In the event that the vehicle is subject to a 

strong impact, all the doors are unlocked. 

Depending on the force of the impact or the 

type of accident, however, the system may 

not operate.

Operation signals

A buzzer sounds and the emergency flash-

ers flash to indicate that the doors have 

been locked/unlocked. (Locked: once; 

Unlocked: twice)
Windows and moon roof (if equipped) or 

panoramic moon roof (if equipped): A 

buzzer sounds to indicate that the windows 

and moon roof or panoramic moon roof are 


Security feature

If a door is not opened within approximately 

60 seconds after the vehicle is unlocked, 

the security feature automatically locks the 

vehicle again. (However, depending on the 

location of the electronic key, the key may 

be detected as being in the vehicle. In this 

case, vehicle may be unlocked.)

When the doors cannot be locked by the 

lock sensor on the upper part of the 

door handle

When the doors cannot be locked even if 

the lock sensor on the surface of the door 

handle is touched by a finger, touch the lock 

sensor with the palm.
If you are wearing gloves, remove them.

Open door warning buzzer

If an attempt to lock the doors is made when 

a door is not fully closed, a buzzer sounds 

continuously for 5 seconds. Fully close the 

door to stop the buzzer, and lock the vehi-

cle once more.

Setting the alarm

Locking the doors will set the alarm system. 



Conditions affecting the operation of 

the smart access system with push-but-

ton start or wireless remote control


If the smart access system with push-

button start or the wireless remote con-

trol does not operate properly

Use the mechanical key to lock and unlock 

the doors. (


Replace the key battery with a new one if it 

is depleted. (


If the battery is discharged

The doors cannot be locked and unlocked 

using the smart access system with push-



Unlocking function

Exterior: Beeps 3 


Interior: Pings 


Holding the driver’s 
door handle unlocks 
only the driver’s door.

Holding a passenger’s 
door handle unlocks all 
the doors.

Exterior: Beeps 


Interior: Pings 


Holding a door handle 
unlocks all the doors.


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk







button start or wireless remote control. 

Lock or unlock the doors using the 

mechanical key. (



Settings (e.g. unlocking function using a 

key) can be changed. 

(Customizable features: 


Door lock switches (to 


Locks all the doors


Unlocks all the doors

Inside lock buttons (to lock)

Push down the inside lock button to 
lock the door.

Inside door handles (to unlock)

For the front doors

Pull the handle to unlock and open the 

When the door is unlocked, the inside lock 
button will pop up.

For the rear doors

Pull the handle to unlock the door. Pull 
the handle a second time to open the 


To prevent an accident

Observe the following precautions while 

driving the vehicle.

Failure to do so may result in a door 

opening and an occupant being thrown 

out of the vehicle, resulting in death or 

serious injury.

Ensure that all doors are properly 

closed and locked.

Do not pull the inside handle of the 

doors while driving. 

Be especially careful for the front 

doors, as the doors may be opened 

even if the inside lock buttons are in 

locked position.

Set the rear door child-protector locks 

when children are seated in the rear 


When opening or closing a door

Check the surroundings of the vehicle 

such as whether the vehicle is on an 

incline, whether there is enough space 

for a door to open and whether a strong 

wind is blowing. When opening or clos-

ing the door, hold the door handle tightly 

to prepare for any unpredictable move-


Unlocking and locking the doors 
from the inside


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk

When the door is unlocked, the inside lock 
button will pop up.

Locking the front doors from the outside 

without a key


Push down the inside lock button.


Close the door.

The door cannot be locked if the engine 

switch is in ACCESSORY or IGNITION 

ON mode, or the electronic key is left 

inside the vehicle. However, the key may not 

be detected correctly and the door may be 


Open door warning buzzer

The hood, one or all of the doors, or trunk is 

not fully closed. If the vehicle reaches a 

speed of 3 mph (5 km/h), the master warn-

ing light flashes and a buzzer sounds to indi-

cate that the door(s) are not fully closed. 

Make sure to close hood, all doors and 


The door cannot be opened from 
inside the vehicle when the lock is set.





These locks can be set to prevent chil-
dren from opening the rear doors. 
Push down on each rear door switch to 
lock both rear doors.

The following functions can be set or 

For instructions on customizing, refer to 

Rear door child-protector lock

Automatic door locking and 
unlocking systems



Speed linked 
door locking 

All doors are automati-
cally locked when vehi-
cle speed is 
approximately 12 mph 
(20 km/h) or higher.

Shift position 
linked door lock-
ing function

All doors are automati-
cally locked when the 
shift lever is shifted to a 
position other than P.

Shift position 
linked door 
unlocking func-

All doors are automati-
cally unlocked when 
the shift lever is shifted 
to P.

Driver’s door 
linked door 
unlocking func-

All doors are automati-
cally unlocked when 
driver’s door is opened 
within approximately 
45 seconds after turn-
ing the engine switch 


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk








The trunk can be opened using the 
trunk opener switch, entry function 
or wireless remote control.
If the vehicle is equipped with a 
power trunk lid, the trunk can be 
closed using the trunk closer.


Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may result in death or 

serious injury.

Before driving

Make sure that the trunk lid is fully 

closed. If the trunk lid is not fully 

closed, it may open unexpectedly 

while driving and hit near-by objects or 

luggage in the trunk may be thrown 

out, causing an accident.

Do not allow children to play in the 


If a child is accidentally locked in the 

trunk, they could suffer from heat 

exhaustion, suffocation or other inju-


Do not allow a child to open or close 

the trunk lid.

Doing so may cause the trunk lid to 

open unexpectedly, or cause the 

child’s hands, head, or neck to be 

caught by the closing trunk lid.

Important points while driving

Never let anyone sit in the trunk. In the 

event of sudden braking or a collision, 

they are susceptible to death or serious 


Using the trunk

Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause parts of the 

body to be caught, resulting in serious 


Remove any heavy loads, such as snow 

and ice, from the trunk lid before 

opening it. Failure to do so may cause 

the trunk lid to suddenly shut again 

after it is opened.

When opening or closing the trunk lid, 

thoroughly check to make sure the 

surrounding area is safe.

If anyone is in the vicinity, make sure 

they are safe and let them know that 

the trunk is about to open or close.

Use caution when opening or closing 

the trunk lid in windy weather as it may 

move abruptly in strong wind.

Vehicles without power trunk lid: The 

trunk lid may suddenly shut if it is not 

opened fully. It is more difficult to open 

or close the trunk lid on an incline than 

on a level surface, so beware of the 

trunk lid unexpectedly opening or 

closing by itself. Make sure that the 

trunk lid is fully open and secure 

before using the trunk.

When closing the trunk lid, take extra 

care to prevent your fingers etc. from 

being caught.


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk


Vehicles without power trunk lid: 

When closing the trunk lid, make sure 

to press it lightly on its outer surface. If 

the trunk grip is used to fully close the 

trunk lid, it may result in hands or arms 

being caught.

Do not attach any accessories other 

than genuine Lexus parts to the trunk 

lid. Such additional weight on the trunk 

lid may cause the lid to suddenly shut 

again after it is opened.

Trunk easy closer (vehicles with 

power trunk lid)

In the event that the trunk lid is left slightly 

open, the trunk easy closer will automati-

cally close it to the fully closed position. It 

takes several seconds before the trunk 

easy closer begins to operate. Be careful 

not to catch fingers or anything else in 

the trunk lid, as this may cause bone frac-

tures or other serious injuries.

Power trunk lid (if equipped)

Observe the following precautions when 

operating the power trunk lid.

Failure to do so may cause serious injury.

Check the safety of the surrounding 

area to make sure there are no obsta-

cles or anything that could cause any 

of your belongings to get caught.

If anyone is in the vicinity, make sure 

they are safe and let them know that 

the trunk is about to open or close.

If the trunk closer switch is pressed 

while the trunk lid is opening during 

automatic operation, the trunk lid 

stops opening. Take extra care when 

on an incline, as the trunk lid may open 

or close suddenly.

On an incline, the trunk lid may sud-

denly shut after it opens automatically. 

Make sure the trunk lid is fully open 

and secure before using the trunk.

In the following situations, the power 

trunk lid may detect an abnormality 

and automatic operation may be 

stopped. In this case, the trunk lid has 

to be operated manually. Take extra 

care in this situation, as the stopped 

trunk lid may suddenly shut, causing an 


• When the trunk lid contacts an obsta-


• When the battery voltage suddenly 

drops, such as when the engine switch 

is turned to IGNITION ON mode or 

the engine is started during automatic 


Do not attach any accessories other 

than genuine Lexus parts to the trunk 

lid. The power trunk lid may not oper-

ate, causing itself to malfunction, or the 

trunk lid may suddenly shut again after 

it is opened.

Hands Free Power Trunk Lid (vehicles 

with power trunk lid)

Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause serious injury.

Exhaust gases cause the exhaust pipes 

to become quite hot. When operating 

the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid, be 

careful not to touch the exhaust pipe.

Do not operate the Hands Free Power 

Trunk Lid if there is little space under 

the rear bumper.

Jam protection function (vehicles 

with power trunk lid)

Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause serious injury.


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk







Trunk opener switch

Press the trunk opener switch.

Smart access system with push-
button start

While carrying the electronic key, 
press the button.
When all the doors are unlocked using 
one of the following methods, the trunk 
can be opened without the electronic 
• Entry  function
• Wireless remote control
• Door lock switches
• Automatic door unlocking system
• Mechanical key

Wireless remote control

Press and hold the switch.

A buzzer sounds.


Never use any part of your body to 

intentionally activate the jam protec-

tion function.

The jam protection function may not 

work if something gets caught just 

before the trunk lid fully closes. Be 

careful not to catch fingers or anything 

else in the trunk lid.

The jam protection function may not 

work depending on the shape of the 

object that is caught. Be careful not to 

catch fingers or anything else.


To prevent trunk easy closer malfunc-

tions (vehicles with power trunk lid)

Do not apply force to the trunk lid while 

the trunk easy closer is operating.

To prevent damage to the power 

trunk lid (vehicles with power trunk 


Make sure that there is no luggage or 

snow on the trunk lid before operating 

the power trunk lid. In addition, make 

sure that there is no ice between the 

trunk lid and frame that prevents 

movement of the trunk lid. Operating 

the power trunk lid when excessive 

load is present on the trunk lid may 

cause a malfunction.

Do not apply excessive force to the 

trunk lid while the power trunk lid is 


Opening/closing the trunk


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk

Hands Free Power Trunk Lid (vehi-
cles with power trunk lid)


While carrying an electronic key, 
stand within the smart access sys-
tem with push-button start opera-
tion range, approximately 11.8 to 
19.7 in. (30 to 50 cm) from the rear 

Hands Free Power Trunk Lid sensor

Hands Free Power Trunk Lid opera-
tion detection area

Smart access system with push-
button start operation detection 
area (



Perform a kick operation by mov-
ing your foot to within approxi-
mately 3.9 in. (10 cm) of the rear 
bumper and then pulling it back.

• Perform the entire kick operation 

within 1 second.

• The trunk lid will not start operating 

while a foot is detected under the 
rear bumper.

• Operate the Hands Free Power 

Trunk Lid without contacting the 
rear bumper with your foot.

• If another electronic key is in the 

cabin or trunk, it may take slightly 
longer than normal for the opera-
tion to occur.

Hands Free Power Trunk Lid sensor

Hands Free Power Trunk Lid opera-
tion detection area


When the sensor detects that your 
foot is pulled back, a buzzer will 
sound and the trunk will automati-
cally fully open/close.

If a foot is moved under the rear bumper 

while the trunk lid is opening, the trunk lid 

will stop moving.

If a foot is moved under the rear bumper 

while the trunk lid is closing, the trunk lid 

will open.

Trunk closer switch (vehicles with 
power trunk lid)

Press the trunk closer switch.

A buzzer will sound and the trunk lid will 
fully close.
Pressing the switch while the trunk lid is 
closing opens the trunk lid again.





3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk







Trunk grip

Using the trunk grip, pull down the 
trunk lid without applying sideways 
force and push the trunk lid down from 
the outside to close it.

Trunk light

The trunk light turns on when the trunk is 


Trunk easy closer (vehicles with power 

trunk lid)

In the event that the trunk lid is left slightly 

open, the trunk easy closer will automati-

cally close it to the fully closed position.

The trunk easy closer will operate 

regardless of the engine switch mode.

If the trunk easy closer does not operate, 

open the trunk to the half open position 

or more and then close it.

Function to prevent the trunk being 

locked with the electronic key inside

When all doors are locked, closing the 

trunk lid with the electronic key left inside 

the trunk will sound an alarm.

In this case, the trunk lid can be opened 

by pressing the trunk release button on 

the trunk lid.

If the spare electronic key is put in the 

trunk with all the doors locked, the key 

confinement prevention function is acti-

vated so the trunk can be opened. In 

order to prevent theft, take all electronic 

keys with you when leaving the vehicle.

If the electronic key is put in the trunk with 

all the doors locked, the key may not be 

detected depending on the location of 

the key and the surrounding radio wave 

conditions. In this case, the key confine-

ment prevention function cannot be acti-

vated, causing the doors to lock when the 

trunk is closed. Make sure to check 

where the key is before closing the trunk.

The key confinement prevention function 

cannot be activated if any one of the 

doors is unlocked. In this case, open the 

trunk using the trunk opener.

Overload protection function (vehicles 

with power trunk lid)

The trunk lid will not operate when exces-

sive load is present on the top of the trunk 


Fall-down protection function (vehicles 

with power trunk lid)

While the trunk lid is opening automatically, 

applying excessive force to it will stop the 

opening operation to prevent the trunk lid 

from rapidly falling down.

Jam protection function (vehicles with 

power trunk lid)

While the trunk lid is closing automatically, 

the trunk lid will stop closing and open if 

something gets caught.

Internal trunk release lever

The trunk lid can be opened by pulling the 

glow-in-the-dark lever located on the inside 

of the trunk to the side. The lever will con-

tinue to glow for some time after the trunk 

lid is closed.


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk

Using the mechanical key

The trunk can be also opened using the 

mechanical key. (

P.372) If the trunk is 

unlocked using the mechanical key, the 

power trunk lid and trunk easy closer will 

not be operational. To return them to an 

operational state, fully close the trunk lid by 


If the smart access system with push-

button start or the wireless remote con-

trol does not operate properly

Use the mechanical key to unlock the trunk. 



Replace the key battery with a new one if it 

is depleted. (


Hands Free Power Trunk Lid operating 

conditions (vehicles with power trunk 


When the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid 

(kick sensor) operation setting is turned 

on and the engine switch is turned off

When an electronic key is carried within 

the operation range

Situations in which the Hands Free 

Power Trunk Lid may not operate prop-

erly (vehicles with power trunk lid)

In the following situations, the Hands Free 

Power Trunk Lid may not operate properly:

When a foot remains under the rear 


If the rear bumper is strongly hit with a 

foot or is touched for a while 

If the rear bumper has been touched for a 

while, wait for a short time before 

attempting to operate the Hands Free 

Power Trunk Lid again.

When operated while a person is too 

close to the rear bumper

When an external radio wave source 

interferes with the communication 

between the electronic key and the vehi-

cle (


When the vehicle is parked near an elec-

trical noise source which affects the sen-

sitivity of the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid, 

such as a pay parking spot, gas station, 

electrically heated road, or fluorescent 


When the vehicle is near a TV tower, 

electric power plant, radio station, large 

display, airport or other facility that gen-

erates strong radio waves or electrical 


When a large amount of water is applied 

to the rear bumper, such as when the 

vehicle is being washed or in heavy rain

When mud, snow, ice, etc. is attached to 

the rear bumper

When the vehicle has been parked for a 

while near objects that may move and 

contact the rear bumper, such as plants

When an accessory is installed to the rear 


If an accessory has been installed, turn 

the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid (kick 

sensor) operation setting off.

Preventing unintentional operation of 

the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid (vehi-

cles with power trunk lid)

When an electronic key is in the operation 

range, the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid may 

operate unintentionally, so be careful in the 

following situations.

When a large amount of water is applied 

to the rear bumper, such as when the 

vehicle is being washed or in heavy rain

When dirt is wiped off the rear bumper

When a small animal or small object, such 

as a ball, moves under the rear bumper

When an object is moved from under the 

rear bumper

If someone is swinging their legs while sit-

ting on the rear bumper

If the legs or another part of someone’s 

body contacts the rear bumper while 

passing by the vehicle

When the vehicle is parked near an elec-

trical noise source which affects the sen-


3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk







sitivity of the Hands Free Power Trunk Lid, 

such as a pay parking spot, gas station, 

electrically heated road, or fluorescent 


When the vehicle is near a TV tower, 

electric power plant, radio station, large 

display, airport or other facility that gen-

erates strong radio waves or electrical 


When the vehicle is parked in a place 

where objects such as plants are near the 

rear bumper

If luggage, etc. is set near the rear 


If accessories or a vehicle cover is 

installed/removed near the rear bumper

When the vehicle is being towed

To prevent unintentional operation, turn the 
Hands Free Power Trunk Lid (kick sensor) 
operation setting off.

Open door warning buzzer



Some functions can be customized. (Cus-

tomizable features: 


The trunk opener switch can be tem-
porarily disabled to protect luggage 
stored in the trunk against theft.
Turn the trunk opener main switch in 
the glove box off to disable the trunk 



When the trunk opener main switch is off, 
the trunk lid cannot be opened even with 
the wireless remote control, entry function 
or Hands Free Power Trunk Lid.

When leaving a key to the vehicle with a 

parking attendant


Protecting luggage against theft



3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk

Antenna location

Antennas outside the cabin

Antennas inside the cabin

Antenna inside the trunk

Antenna outside the trunk

Effective range (areas within which the 

electronic key is detected)

When locking or unlocking the doors
The system can be operated when the 
electronic key is within about 2.3 ft. (0.7 
m) of an outside door handle. (Only the 
doors detecting the key can be oper-

When opening the trunk
The system can be operated when the 
electronic key is within about 2.3 ft. (0.7 
m) of the trunk release button.

When starting the engine or changing 
engine switch modes
The system can be operated when the 
electronic key is inside the vehicle.

If an alarm sounds or a warning message 

is displayed

An alarm sounds and warning messages 

are displayed on the multi-information dis-

play to protect against unexpected acci-

dents or theft of the vehicle resulting from 

erroneous operation. When a warning mes-

sage is displayed, take appropriate mea-

sures based on the displayed message.
When only an alarm sounds, circumstances 

and correction procedures are as follows.

When an exterior alarm sounds once for 

5 seconds

Smart access system with 
push-button start

The following operations can be 
performed simply by carrying the 
electronic key on your person, for 
example in your pocket. The driver 
should always carry the electronic 
 Locks and unlocks the doors 



 Opens the trunk (


 Starts the engine (










3-2. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk







When an interior alarm sounds continu-


If “Key Detected in Vehicle” is shown on 

the multi-information display

An attempt was made to lock the doors 

using the smart access system with push-

button start while the electronic key was still 

inside the vehicle. Retrieve the electronic 

key from the vehicle and lock the doors 


Battery-saving function

The battery-saving function will be acti-

vated in order to prevent the electronic key 

battery and the battery from being dis-

charged while the vehicle is not in operation 

for a long time.

In the following situations, the smart 

access system with push-button start may 

take some time to unlock the doors.

• The electronic key has been left within 

approximately 6 ft. (2 m) of the outside of 

the vehicle for 10 minutes or longer.

• The smart access system with push-but-

ton start has not been used for 5 days or 


If the smart access system with push-but-

ton start has not been used for 14 days or 

longer, the doors cannot be unlocked at 

any doors except the driver’s door. In this 

case, take hold of the driver’s door han-

dle, or use the wireless remote control or 

mechanical key, to unlock the doors.

Turning an electronic key to battery-

saving mode

When battery-saving mode is set, battery 

depletion is minimized by stopping the 

electronic key from receiving radio 


 twice while pressing and 


. Confirm that the elec-

tronic key indicator flashes 4 times.

While the battery-saving mode is set, the 

smart access system with push-button 

start cannot be used. To cancel the func-

tion, press any of the electronic key but-


Electronic keys that will not be used for 

long periods of time can be set to the bat-

tery-saving mode in advance.

Conditions affecting operation

The smart access system with push-button 

start uses weak radio waves. In the following 


Correction proce-


The trunk was 
closed while the 
electronic key was 
still inside the trunk 
and all the doors 
were locked.

Retrieve the elec-
tronic key from the 
trunk and close the 
trunk lid.

An attempt was 
made to lock the 
vehicle while a door 
was open.

Close all of the 
doors and lock the 
doors again.


Correction proce-


The engine switch 
was turned to 
mode while the 
driver’s door was 
open (or the driver’s 
door was opened 
while the engine 
switch was in 

Turn the engine 
switch off and close 
the driver’s door.

The engine switch 
was turned off while 
the driver’s door was 

Close the driver’s 








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